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Hay is grown on ecological areas of European Ecological Network Natura 2000 region, (where no fertilizers are used), in the heart of a big area where the vast majority of land is covered by natural, ecological  meadows, as much as 21.000 ha. The meadows are mowed and the hay collected from them once a year  which gives potentially 50-60 thousand tons of good quality hay, on a yearly basis. Our pellets from hay can be a very good feed for cattle, horses, rabbits or other rodents as a ready-to-use product, but some of our customers use them as a basic fibrous component for compound feeds


Value in 100g of product

Raw protein 8-10 g
Raw fat ca. 2,3 g
Raw ash ca. 4,5 g
Raw fibre ca. 34 g
NDF 70,77%
ADF 39,43%
ADL 13,74%
MEcows 8,90 MJ
MEgross 16,95 MJ
NEL 5,25 MJ/kg of dry mass